Our Mission

Our mission is to provide evaluation, individual and group counseling services to the people affected by gambling problems, without regard to their ability to pay.


It is estimated that up to 6% of the population of Nevada or 135,000 citizens have a gambling problem. A gambling problem is defined as a progressive disease characterized by increasing preoccupation with gambling, the need to make bigger bets and to bet more often, restlessness and irritability when trying to stop gambling, chasing losses and loss of control of one’s life. The problem gambler will continue to gamble in spite of increasing financial, psychological, vocational, and social problems, eventually “hitting bottom” if they do not receive help. They often develop symptoms of major depression and can be at risk for suicide.

Problem gambling costs the state of Nevada, its businesses and its citizens millions of dollars annually. It contributes to homelessness, bankruptcy, loss of jobs and crime. Effective treatment and early intervention will cost a fraction of that amount, while at the same time saving lives, literally and figuratively.


The mission of The Problem Gambling Center is to provide evaluation, individual and group counseling services to persons who have gambling problems and the family and friends of our clients who are affected by gambling, without regard for their ability to pay.

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