Welcome to the Dr. Robert Hunter International Problem Gambling Center

Our mission is to provide evaluation, individual and group counseling services to the people affected by gambling problems, without regard to their ability to pay.


Problem Gambling affects 6 percent of us here in the State of Nevada.  Research shows it is not an addiction due to lack of willpower but instead, one that manifests itself because of hardwiring in the brain.

We are here to help!  We take a medical and behavioral approach to recovery, because problem gambling is both a medical and behavioral disease. 

If you or someone you love is gambling out of control, talk to us.  There is no judgement, only hope.

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Our treatment approach incorporates three interrelated components.


The first component of treatment. During these sessions, counselors present the patient with the most recent scientific knowledge available in order to better understand and combat this disorder.


The second component allows problem gamblers access to state-certified counselors and interns. The counseling program teaches patients to take responsibility for their actions and to organize their lives in a responsible manner.

Individual Therapy

The final component emphasizes cognitive behavioral therapy directly and focuses on changing thoughts and behavior. Problem gamblers are taught not only about an alternative way of behaving, but also an approach to changing the thought processes which contributed to their addiction.

Our Mission

We provide solutions and safety nets for problem gamblers and their families.

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I can’t believe how much The Problem Gambling Center has changed my families life. My brother and I had always been really close, but his gambling problem took that away somehow. Now, I’m seeing a guy I haven’t seen in years. I hope that this community sees how fortunate we are to have PGC.

– Bill, Brother of a PGC patient

Happiness comes in many forms. Today I live my life one day at a time. I forgive myself for past behaviors only because of my second chance at life due to PGC. I am eternally grateful

– Lori C.

I am so grateful for what happened in my life when I came to PGC. Dr. Hunter and his staff gave me the support I needed and encouraged me to change my thinking and how to handle my feelings and emotions. I now believe in myself, I trust myself, I have confidence and found peace I never had before.

-Frank J.


The mission of The Problem Gambling Center is to provide evaluation, individual and group counseling services to persons who have gambling problems and the family and friends of our clients who are affected by gambling, without regard for their ability to pay.

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